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Prop bet maybe?
  MadeInPolanD, Jan 17 2016

I'm thinking about losing some weight

31 YO
Weight: 85.5 kg / 188.5 lbs
Height: 1.84 m / 6.04 feet

-7.5kg / - 16.5 lbs
11 weeks total
-0,7kg / -1,54 lbs week

Now what spice could I add and would anyone be interested?
like adding 2 beers/day
2 cheesburgers a day

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Need help in getting new stat in HM2
  MadeInPolanD, May 06 2014


imo when you have a proper BR or you're playing different stake levels you should really just look at buy ins won/lost instead of $ amount

that's why im trying to get HM2 to implement new stat that is pretty easy to create ( BBs won/100BB )

can you vote on their site plz?

if you have some suggetions on HM2 site feel free to post them below so that i could vote on yours

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500$ Party for Stars
  MadeInPolanD, Sep 30 2013


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